Retort machine (Sterilizer)

Retort food is cooked and sterilized food which is packed in the plastic or metalic pouch, bottles, cans, etc. Retort food brings you a lot of benefits.

What is retort food?

Retort food was introduced intoJapan market in 1969. Since then they were drastically widespread for its preservative quality and handiness.Once the food is processed in the Retort machine, it can be preserved for maximum 1 or 2 years, for example retort carry which can be stored at room temperture. It can be eaten by just In Japan, 370,000 tons of retort food were made and its sales is more than 200 billion since they were first sold.

Retort food has those benefits.
・Can cook many packed food evenly and simultaneously.
・Sterilizes food powerfully compared to normal cooking process.
(eg, It can kill Clostridium botulinum in 4 minutes by 121 tempture heating.)
・Processed food are easy to store and transport.

Retort Machine can cook so many kinds of food. Soup, Curry, Rice, Beans, Jam, Fich, Meat, etc.